It is the spirit of the team to support them nba 2k17 coins

It is the spirit of the team to support them here, won nba 2k17 coins 3-1 leading the good situation. Hadden said: “Now we have the opportunity to end this series at home, we have to start to meet the next game. It seems that Harden walking and no obvious limping, but he did lose the usual impact on the basket. In the first round, James scored 32.8 points per game and 9.8 rebounds and 9.0 assists, while averaging three nba 2k17 coins and two blocks. At the same time, shooting 54.3%, three-point shooting 45%. Is perfect. This performance helped the Cavaliers sweep the Pacers. At the same time, James to achieve the first round of the playoffs 21 straight, beyond the “magician” Johnson, James – Worthy and Michael – Cooper.

Over the past five years, he swept Milwaukee in 2013, swept Charlotte in 2014, swept Boston in 2015, swept Detroit in 2016, and swept Indiana this year. Five years, he followed the five cities, did not let them feel even a playoff game victory taste. James still remember his nba 2k17 coins time in buy nba 2k17 coins first round of the playoffs lost a game is what time? A reporter asked James after the game. “I do not remember,” James replied, “when was that?” Reporter replied that in 2012, the first round of the Heat on the Knicks fourth cheap nba 2k17 coins. When JR – Smith and Iman – Shampoo or his opponent instead of teammates. “The game JR-Smith has a very nice goal. A bottom line of nba 2k17 coins.” When it comes to specific game scenes, James’s memory is always very amazing. “In the end we are 4-1 win? Not bad.”

breaking the team history playoff single field three-point shot number record

Raptors in the game hit 14 three-pointers, breaking the team history playoff single field three-point shot number record.In the Bucks away challenge to the Raptors game, the letter brother scored 24 points and 15 rebounds and 7 assists in all-around data, since becoming the first time since Jabal scored at least six offensive rebounds, six defensive rebounds and six assists in Bucks players The

Raptors striker Ibaka this game to send out 2 cover, so his playoff career total number of blocks to reach 227, which surpassed Robert – Horry and Rasheed – Wallace, living alone in the playoffs The 13th block of nba vc sale cap. Among the active players, Ibaka is only behind the Dwight – Howard 230 Raptors in the game hit 14 three-pointers, breaking the team history playoff single field three-point shot record. the Bulls away to beat the Celtics, the total score 2-0 lead. Bulls became the nba 2k vc round of the first round of the playoffs since the first 2-0 lead 8 seed; while the Celtics the 1993 Phoenix Suns, the vc sale 0-2 behind the number one seed.


This is the last home game nba 2k17 coins of the Spurs this season

Easy to battles, the first 4 minutes and 4 seconds, Lillard feed the ball, Leonard hit a long shot. 10 minutes 3 seconds, Gobel shot in Lillard foul, give the Blazers 2 free throws. 10 minutes nba 2k17 coins and 46 seconds, Hu De hand slip the ball, was Turner steals. Three finished, the pioneer to lead the 77-60 temporarily.
This is the last home game of the Spurs nba 2k17 coins buy nba 2k17 coins, Leonard, Aldridge comeback. After the start of the nba 2k17 coins game, Reddick hit the third, the first to play, immediately Aldridge in the cast nba 2k17 coins. The two sides stalemate, once war to 15 level. The second half of this section, the two sides bitten bite who can not pull the score, Aldridge cheap nba 2k17 coins layup, so that the Spurs made a 3-point lead, immediately Spitz basket dunk also to color, the first section of the end, fast Boat 22-23 behind.

Section II game, Crawford came third hit, the Clippers go-ahead score. After that, Gasol continuous manufacturing kill, bite the score. The second lineup of the two sides of the competition, the Spurs did not occupy nba 2k17 coins too much advantage, the small Jordan to play again, the Spurs basket continuous missing people, small Jordan dunks, the Clippers still occupy the advantage.

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