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Flying into Gadgetzan, the epicenter of Tanaris, players will be glad to note that this Goblin city is still standing and looks untouched by events in the world around it. Mounts of every type stand waiting outside the entrance, and the giant wrench still holds it’s honored spot above the doorway. Which is probably a good thing because one can only imagine how many Goblins a wrench of that size could squish.

The reason for Gadgetzan’s growth is clear as soon as you take a look on the eastern side of the city. The waters that once stood far outside the city have come in completely obliterating Steamwheedle Port and anything else in the water’s path. Survivors can still be seen clinging to the tops of buildings where Steamwheedle Port once stood. Because of the destruction of their port and the close proximity of the water Gadgetzan has become a thriving port city almost overnight.

A boat is in operation, however, it currently only takes players on a rather scenic route around the harbor. There was some interest in this seemingly pointless journey however, as those who take the boat will discover first hand that Southsea Pirates have formed a sort of blockade where the harbor meets the sea. Southsea Pirate ships dot the waters and Southsea Pirates can be found on many of the small pieces of land still above water.

At Sandsorrow Watch players will notice an influx in the number of Scorpids in the area as well as the fact that all other animals besides the Scorpids have vanished. The reason behind this becomes crystal clear when players stumble across the newly formed cave in the mountains along the edge of the zone here. Deep in the back of the cave waiting for it’s next meal is a giant Scorpid named Gargantapid which judging by it’s size gives us a good indicator what happened to all other animals in general area.

Moving further to the west to a set of ramshackle Troll buildings players will find that the Trolls that once roamed the area have all gone. At first I thought they were simply victims of Gargantapid’s incredible appetite but on closer inspection it appears the Trolls were run out by another source. Four new NPCs have taken up residence here (one of which appears to be injured). A Troll in a cage is a possible sign that these four are responsible for the vanishing Trolls.

While the Trolls may have been run out of Sandsorrow Watch the Trolls have yet to abandon their stronghold in Tanaris, Zul’Farrak. The instance still stands as it was pre-Cataclysm with Trolls milling about the entrance. Moving away from the entrance, however, a more sinister view meets the eyes. Here the dead bodies of Trolls have been laid to rest, but only for a short time, Troll zombies will be made of the bodies and if not then the bodies will become meals for the zombies.

The Noxious Lair is still an unbelievably creepy place to be and has remained unchanged. Huge bug legs still rise above the surface here, twitching and moving, giving players the feeling at any moment they could reach out and grab them. Other smaller bugs can also be found in abundance, creeping and flying both above and below ground.

East of the Noxious Lair the Dunemaul Compound. Here Ogres of all kinds make their home. While the Compound itself looks much as it did before Cataclysm there is a small new addition. To the Northwest of the Compound lies the newly formed Dunmaul Recruitment Camp. Megs Dreadshredder has set up camp with the intention of coercing the nearby Ogres into joining the Horde. Whether inducing Ogres into the Horde is a good idea or not is a subject for debate.

Moving towards the southern portion of Tanaris and the entrance to Un’goro Crater players will get a good glimpse of one of the newest (and coolest) mob additions to the zone; Desert Blooms and Sand Lashers. These desert flowers will not aggro you and pop in and out of the ground.

The Thistleshrub mobs have taken leave of Thistleshrub Valley and three Goblin females have set up tents just outside the Valley. A new NPC quest giver by the name of Adarrah and her fellow travelers, their camels (one of which is named Lady Humps…Black Eyed Peas anyone?), and pack kodo can be found near the center of the Valley.

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