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The Silverpine Forest Tips

The Silverpine Forest we know is a creepy, haunted wood inhabited only by wild animals, Gnolls, very angry Worgen, some brave Forsaken in the north, and some equally brave human defenders in the south. However, Cataclysm and the death of the Lich King changes all and the Silverpine Forest of Cataclysm is hardly recognizable compared to the one we are familiar with today.

While there have always been Forsaken in Silverpine Forest, it seems they are finally gaining more of a foothold in the zone. Entering the zone players will notice a large wall has been erected with Forsaken guards, clearly marking this place as Forsaken territory.

With the increased Forsaken presence of course some new Forsaken outposts have sprung up. The first of which occurs not far down the path leading into Silverpine from Tirisfal Glades, in the spot where Malden‘s Orchard once stood. The Fosaken High Command base has a place for it’s own flight master although no flight master can be seen yet.

It also is the sight of a rather grisly mass grave filled with human bodies which is surrounded by several Val’kyr (who are now under the command of the Forsaken) and Lady Sylvanas herself, even though she also remains in the Undercity. How she manages to be in two places at once is beyond me. If you have the chance to be sure to do the quest provided by Grand Executor Mortuus, as it gives great insight into the relationship between Garrosh and Lady Sylvanas.

While wandering about Silverpine low level players will be pleased to find that a quick mode of transportation has been installed in the area. There are several transports moving about the roads here making stops at the outposts along the way, however Alliance players beware as it appears these transports may be for the Horde only.
Continuing down the road to the Ivar Patch players will find that the Scourge have been cleared out of this area. That doesn’t mean that the Forsaken have taken the place uncontested though. The Worgen (or perhaps the Alliance in general?) appear to want this piece of land for their own and battles have broken out all over Ivar Patch between the two races as a result.

Following a tiny footpath to what once was the small farmstead known as the Dead Field, originally inhabited by those not so cuddly critters the Gnolls, players will find the farmstead completely gone. In it’s place the Forsaken Rear Guard camp now stands. The Forsaken Rear Guard camp is filled with Forsaken war machines, Orc pirates and one very ugly Mutant Bush Chicken. As to what war machines, Orc pirates, and mutant chickens have to do with each other, well, your guess is as good as mine.

The footpath that once stopped at the Dead Field has been extended leading back to North Tide’s Beachhead. This looks like it could possibly be where the Orc pirates came from, however by some misfortune they were overrun by Worgen who now are burning and looting the area.

North of North Tide’s Beachhead lies the Skittering Dark. Once a mine that has long since been abandoned it has been inhabited by creepy crawly spiders. While this has not changed the type of spiders living in the area has. Before Cataclysm, fuzzy Moss Stalkers dominated the area, however now the mine has been overrun with much a more meanicing looking version; the Skitterweb Spider.

If you find your way back to the road after braving the Skittering Dark you will find Valgan’s Field just up the road from the little foot path that lead to the new Forsaken Rear Guard encampment. Before Cataclysm this farmstead was overrun by Worgen, however, now the area is deserted. Why the Worgen abandoned this place is unknown as well as why the Forsaken have yet to take it over.

Down the road from Valgan’s Field players will find that a much cooler looking bridge has been installed. Sure there was nothing really wrong with the old one but what zone doesn’t need a bad ass looking bridge to round it out?

Following another footpath leading to what is now called the Decrepit Fields, this place was once filled with Scourge. Now players will find the scene of what must have been an epic battle. Horde war machines, possibly on their way to Fenris Isle, as well as Orc Sea Dogs lie broken and battered. The Scourge have long since gone, and Worgen apparently the victors of the previous battle have taken over the area.

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