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The Stormwind City Tips

Walking across the grand drawbridge in the Valley of Heros leading into the city proper players will immediately notice that one of the statues, namely the statue of Danath Trollbane, has been destroyed. Only the feet remain standing in place, while the rest of the statue fell into the water. It has however since been retrieved and looks like it’s making it’s way back to it’s original home.

Moving further up the walkway players will be greeted with a familiar and promising site; General Marcus Jonathan still stands guard just before the entrance to the city, sitting proudly on his horse in front the thankfully still intact statue of General Turalyon.

Nearing the end of the tunnel leading into the Trade District players will get their first inkling that perhaps all is not well within Stormwind. At the end of the tunnel two level 85 elite guards are visible, instead of just one level 75, but this is not however the disturbing part of the scene. The guards appear to be affected by some unknown affliction. A yellow-orange aura surrounds them and the guards appear to be dazed. They can amazingly enough still manage to point you in the right direction for any of your needs in Stormwind. This strange aura can be found on guards and several NPCs all over the city.

The main square in the Trade District has a new look, the quaint trading wagon is gone, the tree inside the square shows signs of obvious growth, and the decorative stone holder that once surrounded the tree is gone, replaced by a smaller more rounded wooden version. In front of the tree now stands two guards with their sickly glow and the Hero’s Call Board.

The Hero’s Call board gives players of high enough level quests to venture into the new zones of Vashj’ir and Mount Hyjal. If this board will provide more quest options after completing the first two remains to be seen.

Don’t panic. The Auction House is still in the Trade District, just at a new location. The entrance to the Auction House can be found directly across from Stormwind’s bank. To better fit its posh new location the Auction House has been given a serious visual upgrade.

The bank has also been given a new look complete with heightened security and several new bankers have been added to better fulfill all your banking needs.

Outside the Bank and Auction House players will be pleased to see that the fountain here has been revamped and repaired and is once again spewing forth crystal clear waters.

It appears that the people of Stormwind no longer approve of Gryphon’s on their streets as the one normally sitting near the ramp leading to the flight master has been removed. Despite this the Flight Master remains in his usual place, and to make things a bit easier a riding instructor for flying mounts has been added as well.

In Old Town the changes are more minor and perhaps a bit harder to spot. The walls around the SI:7 Headquarters and Command Center have been given a new, less rough, look and appear to have been lowered slightly. The imposing looking gates have been removed from each doorway as well as the walls beyond, giving the section a much more open look, and allowing access to either building regardless of the doorway you use. You may also have noticed that both buildings appear to have switched places.

Another welcome change to the area is the addition of a Stable Master and Riding Trainer to the area near the new Command Center.

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